Perfused isolatedHEART system

  • Perfused isolatedHEART system
  • Perfused isolatedHEART system
  • Perfused isolatedHEART system

Versatile and powerful isolatedHEART systems

The isolated heart system from emka TECHNOLOGIES is a versatile and powerful solution
for pharmacological researchers investigating mice, rats, guinea-pigs or rabbits hearts following
drug challenges.


  • 3 perfusion modes (constant flow in aorta, constant pressure in aorta, constant pressure in atria, with post charge in aorta)
  • up to 3 physiological liquids can be perfused
  • left ventricular pressure (LVP measurement by balloon or pressure sensor tip)
  • electrode and amplifier for ECG monitoring
  • electrical stimulation
  • extra sensors & associated amplifiers: temperature, pH, pO2, pCO2


  • especially designed for mice and rats hearts
  • adaptable to rabbits and guinea pigs hearts

Easy to use

  • easily switch from Langendorff to working heart mode to facilitate experiment start
  • fully integrated, with all tubing clearly organized, yet easily accessible.
  • heart chamber is spacious, has heated walls and floor and a wide opening through sliding door.
  • dead volume is limited
  • temperature is optimized 

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System configuration

There are two setups available:

  • the Langendorff heart setup for experiments in Langendorff mode only.
    Up to three solutions (two perfusate and one cleaning solution) may be used in the Langendorff heart setup.
  • the Working Heart setup for experiments in either the working heart or Langendorff perfusion mode. One or two solutions can be used with this setup. 

Read more about Working Heart and Langendorff perfusion modes.

The main goal of the setup is to keep the heart alive and maintain constant conditions while recordings are made. In functional terms, the applications can be divided into two sub-systems:

One part for maintaining the heart alive, made of:
  • a mainframe, containing the heart chamber, heat exchangers, perfusion heads and electrovalves...
  • a heating system, to maintain the isolated heart at a constant temperature  
  • a pressure/flow regulator, to measures atrial or left ventricule pressure and aortic pressure, to regulate aortic pressure or flow, in accordance with the selected perfusion mode (constant flow rate, constant pressure, post-charge) and to control the electrovalves (enabling switching between different perfusates)
The other part for acquiring signals, with:
  • pressure transducers
  • cannulas
  • amplifier (for ECG)
  • iox2 software for data acquisition and real-time analysis

Specific stimulating electrodes are available. They are connected to a stimulator mainframe, which is itself controlled by iox2.

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Parameters recorded 

Langendorff (constant flow or constant pressure):
  • perfusion flow (coronary)
  • target and aortic perfusion pressure 
  • left ventricular pressure (LVP) by latex balloon (fluid-filled balloon connected to a cannula and pressure transducer)
Working heart:
  • preload pressure (veinous atrial pressure) and target preload pressure
  • aortic pressure (mimic the load created by the complete artery network)
  • perfusion flow (coronary and aortic)
  • left ventricular pressure by PTFE catheter 

Optional signals:
  • Perfusate temperature
  • MAP, VAP measurement with contact micro electrodes
  • electrocardiogram (ECG) 
  • PV loop
  • atrial flow with Transonic flowmeter in working heart mode
  • pO2, pH (with additional hardware)


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The emka TECHNOLOGIES' isolatedHEART system is trusted and recommended by many top scientists and reviewers as featured in multiple publications:

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Conditioning Protects against I/R Injury and Contractile Dysfunction in the Isolated Rat Heart- Bialy et al - 2014

Integration of Multiple Cardiac Parameters to Predict Drug-Induced Cardiac Toxicity - Poster presented by Battelle at the Safety Pharmacology Society, Phoenix, AS, USA, October 2012

Whole Heart Energetics and Stress Test as an Indicator of Drug Induced Cardiac Toxicity - Poster presented by Battelle at the Society of Toxicology meeting 2013, San Antonio, TX, USA, March 2013

Increased Beta2-Adrenoceptors in Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiomyopathy in Rat - Nolwenn Merlet et al. 2013

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