iox2 data acquisition software

  • iox2 data acquisition software
  • iox2 data acquisition software
  • iox2 data acquisition software
iox2 software for acquisition

iox2 is a versatile and comprehensive software package for data acquisition and processing, specifically adapted to meet the needs of pharmacology and toxicology studies.
iox2 enables researchers to acquire, analyze, view, and store data generated during an experiment.
  • operates with Windows XP and 7
  • up to 200 independent channels
  • 10 to 50,000 samples / second for each input
  • flexible real-time display: signals, trends, loops
  • protocols to guide the experiment and automate tasks and external devices
  • external device control (emkaBATH4 mainframes, flow/pressure regulator…)
  • data tables, event logbook
  • synchronized video recording and review
  • real-time review of signal with calculated markers and derived parameters

Specific analyzers are available for real time processing of parameters from isolated organs:

  • slow analyzer: reports signal data, averaged at user-defined time intervals - e.g. aortic contraction
  • slow rhytmic analyzer: for nonspontaneously or low-frequency spontaneously beating tissue, e.g. uterine tissue or tracheal tissues.
  • rhytmic analyzer: for spontaneously beating or stimulated tissues - i.e. papillary muscle or a stimulated ileum, atria


  • Base
  • Peak
  • Amplitude (max-min)
  • Frequency
  • Time-to-peak
  • Area under the curve (AUC)
  • 4 Relaxation times at user set percentage
  • Maximum derivative
  • Minimum derivative 

iox2 acquisition software offers a normalization module for microvessels.
Indeed, different tissue fragment can answer differently to stimulation, depending on:
  • their size
  • their pathological state
  • the quantity of available fibre (for elastic tissue)
To be able to compare different tissue fragment results, experimental settings need to be standardized. 
This operation can be done directly in iox2 software.

iox2 acquisition software offers the ability to drive the emkaBATH4
setup: adjust tissue tension; fill and empty baths, wash baths; launches a cleaning operation.

Learn more about the other analyzers available from iox2 software.


pointilles-degrades.gif (751×10)GLP and 21 cfr part 11 compliance

emka TECHNOLOGIES software has been developed as an integral part of a 21 cfr part 11-compliant system, with features including the following: 

  • an audit trail module records the date and time of operator entries and actions that create or modify electronic records
  • study name can be user-defined, and is automatically attached to data and audit-trail entries
  • user management, specific access rights according to users levels
  • electronic records, digital and electronic signatures
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