Wire myograph

  • Wire myograph system
  • Wire myograph system

Our myographs are designed for the study of microvessels with diameters between 100 µm and 3 mm, and maximum length of 3.5 mm. 

The small vessels are mounted between two tungsten wires fixed to two supports. One support is removable, so vessels can be mounted outside of the bath.

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Up to 4-bath myographs integrated into a compact benchtop

The emkaBATH4 mainframe accommodates up to 4 myographs, housing key components "under one roof".

Each 5 mL microvessel bath incorporates its own isometric transducer (itMYO) measuring forces up to 30 g.

The emkaBATH4 features allow:

  • automated physiological liquid fill, empty, overflow
  • integrated heating system for physiological liquid and bath
  • digital display of organ tension and bath temperature
  • analog and digital outputs 

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1 or 2 independent myographs

As an alternative, we offer one (myo1) or two (myo2) independent baths, equipped with drain hole and frit glass bubbler to provide oxygenation and mixing of liquids.


  • plexiglas body with internal passages for circulation of heating fluid
  • two tubes per bath, one to bring physiological liquid (pushed by carbogen) and the other to control liquid level (excess drawn by vacuum source). Physiological liquid is heated in a coil.
  • two precision vernier positioners
  • two pairs of tungsten wire supports
  • two high-sensitivity isometric transducers
myo1 can be upgraded to myo2 (the bath assemblies are interchangeable).

Available options:

  • bath sizes: 2 x 3 ml, 2 x 5 ml, 2 x 10 ml, 1 x 20 ml bath.
  • usbAMP amplifier
  • hot water circulation and physiological preheating system.
  • iox2 software for data acquisition and analysis.

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