Tissue studies

  • Tissue studies
  • Tissue studies
  • Tissue studies

The measurement of isolated tissue contractility is widely used in preclinical research.

In vitro contractility assay can be conduct on various types of tissue, such as aortic rings, trachea, papillary muscle, uterine tissue, ileum or colon, during drug exposure and/or electrical stimulation.

Tissue is hanged by a pair of hooks and immersed into a tube shaped bath. The bath is filled with a heated perfusate, providing oxygen and nutrient to the tissues to ensure its viability while data are acquired.

Solution may be renewed by overflow-suction, so tissue is never exposed to air.

The force of muscular contraction is transmitted along the hook to the transducer.Tissue tension is adjustable and can be controlled from the mainframe control panel or from the acquisition software.

emka TECHNOLOGIES provides tissue baths suitable for the study of tissue strips or muscles up to 40 mm long or vessels with internal diameter of 500μm - 10 mm and length of 40 mm:
  • emkaBATH4, 2-in-1 tissue bath setup, fully automated
  • emkaBATH2, a compact benchtop setup, driven manually 

Advantages of the technique:

  • independent of the systemic influences of in vivo preparations
  • easy changes in perfusate, oxygen availability, drug administration etc
  • reproducible concentration–effect curves using either contractile or relaxant agents.


  • cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases
  • drug screening
  • toxicology
  • gastrointestinal dysfunctions
  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • prostate dysfunction
  • edema
  • etc.
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