Microvessel studies

  • Microvessel studies
  • Microvessel studies
  • Microvessel studies

Myography allows measurement of the force produced by microvessels ranging from 500 μm to 10 mm diameter and up to 3.5 mm long.

Wire myograph systems are commonly used to measure functional responses and vascular reactivity in isolated small arterial segments.

The myograph bath has two jaws, a metal duct and a vernier positioner. Each jaw holds a piece of tungsten wire to which the vessel is mounted. The force of muscular contraction is transmitted along the small jaw, transducer rod to the transducer itself.

emkabath4-myograph2.png (600×216)
myograph bath, with vernier positionner (left) - bath with jaws (right)

Different tissue fragment can answer differently to stimulation, depending on:

  • their size
  • their pathological state
  • the quantity of available fibre (for elastic tissue)

To be able to compare different tissue fragment results, experimental settings need to be standardized. Thus, results are given in percentage of a maximal effect to stimulation (chemical or mechanic).

iox2 acquisition software offers a normalization module for microvessels.

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